Top 12 “Hot” Color Palettes

July may be ending but summer doesn’t officially end until September 23rd this year. We still have plenty of time to dive into the vibrant colors of the season. Here are the Top 12 “Hot” Color Palettes to inspire you while you relax and enjoy the rest of the lazy days of summer.

Check out these newest printables from our Etsy store to inspire your summer coloring and help you get ready for back to school as well.

Color My Moods Affirmations Coloring Pages
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Top 14 Sweet Color Palettes

There’s nothing like being surrounded by hearts, flowers, and cute creations to thaw the icy feel of the previous season. Here are the Top 14 Sweet Color Palettes to inspire you to spread the love and smell the flowers.

Need more inspiration? Check out our Color My Moods Valentine’s Day coloring packs and our heart and floral themed coloring books.

Which one is your favorite color palette? We’d love to read your comments below.

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2018 Scribo Creative’s Blessed Not Stressed Thanksgiving Giveaway

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Coloring has been a great tool for stress relief for many of us and for a good reason — it lets us slow down, relax, and appreciate the beauty around us. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we at Scribo Creative (Publisher of Color My Moods Coloring Books and Journals and COco Blank Books and Journals) would like to celebrate our blessings by sharing them with you.

Look at all these great prizes (close to $300 retail value), including:

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Color My Moods Color Charts and More – A coloring workbook to organize and swatch all these new coloring media;

Johanna Basford’s World of Flowers – a beautiful coloring book from the artist who started the coloring book craze;

2019 Weekly Planner – with beautiful floral photos for each month.

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Top 25 Holiday Color Palettes

The holidays are here and there is no better time to spread the coloring cheer! Here are the Top 25 Holiday Color Palettes to inspire you from Thanksgiving through New Year. And if you’re looking for coloring books to express your gratitude or share your joyous spirit, check out Color My Moods Blessings in Bloom Gratitude Coloring Journal and Color My Moods The BIG Christmas Coloring Book.

Color My Moods Blessings in Bloom Coloring Journal

Which one is your favorite? Please comment below and let us know. Happy Holidays!

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Top 10 Fall Color Palettes

Fall is upon us. The cooler weather and beautiful colors of leaves transitioning into the new season just begs you to curl up on the couch and color your worries away. We have the Top 10 Fall Color Palettes to inspire you. Which one’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Looking for lovely fall coloring pages and want them instantly? Check out the PDF printables from our Etsy and Gumroad Digital Coloring Bookmarks



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Top 12 Beach Color Palettes

With the warmer temperatures and long weekends ahead, don’t you wish you were lounging at the beach? No worries, we have the Top 12 Beach Color Palettes to inspire you. Don’t forget to take your coloring books with you. These wood carving-inspired coloring books will add to the tropical feel of the season:

Which is your favorite color palette? Let us know by commenting below.


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Happy May Giveaway!

You know what they say…April showers bring May flowers, and in our case, free gel pens and coloring books too! Enter our Happy May Giveaway:

Join our Happy May Giveaway until May 9, 2018.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we have the perfect gift for mom which includes Maria Trolle’s Nightfall hardcover coloring book (originally published in Sweden as “Skymningstimman“), SMOOV 36 gel pen set of unique rich vibrant colors PLUS printables from Maria Castro’s own Color My Moods Blessings in Bloom Coloring Journal, Garden Mandalas Day and Night, Mandala Wood Carvings, Mother’s Day Wood Carving Frames Sayings, and Mommyisms.

But wait, there’s more…we’d also like to introduce you to the newest addition to Scribo Creative’s family — COco Blank Books and Journals! From blank comic books to recipe books, bullet journals, health trackers. We’ll have tools for everyone who loves to COco — “C”reate and “O”rganize. The lucky winner will get to sample COco with printable comic book templates and recipe book templates.

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*Congratulations to Lee Briggs for winning our Happy May Giveaway!*

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Unique Mandala Wood Carvings

“It’s stunning! Maria has managed to create something totally new and different in the mandala genre. I love her artwork.”– Jan Adams

It’s here! We hope you’ll love Color My Moods Mandala Wood Carvings Adult Coloring Book as much as Jan and many colorists do.

If you’re craving for a unique mandala coloring book, Mandala Wood Carvings is a great addition to your adult coloring book collection. Enjoy this coloring book full of exquisite mandala designs inspired by wood carvings. The easy-to-see lines resemble the organic feel of carved wood.

Enjoy the therapeutic effects and health benefits of coloring with Color My Moods Adult Coloring Books and Journals Mandala Wood Carvings:

– All original mandala drawings, ranging from simple to moderately intricate to suit your coloring mood any day. No stock art is used here so you won’t have to worry about finding duplicates in books that you may already have.

Forty stress-relieving mandala art plus ten bonus coloring pages from other Color My Moods Adult Coloring Books and Journals for a total of fifty coloring pages to help you relax and unwind.

Single-sided (drawing is printed on one side of the page only and the back side is blank), 55# White coloring pages make it suitable for different media including colored pencils, markers, gel pens, pastels, crayons, and more. We recommend using the extra blank sheets provided as blotter pages to minimize bleed through.

– Each mandala drawing is sized to fit the page as large as possible without the binding interfering with the design. Ample blank space at the top and bottom of each page can also be used to test media and color combinations.

Mandala Wood Carvings are fun and relaxing to color. You can free your mind and release your creativity — there are no right or wrong colors.

If you love Mandala Wood Carvings, check out our other coloring books and coloring journals: This will also have links to video previews so you can see all of the drawings included in each of our books before you buy them. While you’re here, we hope that you’ll take a minute to leave a review. Thank you!

For more coloring inspiration, freebies and exclusive discounts, subscribe to our enews: Post your colored pages on social media with #scribocreative #colormymoods #mandalawoodcarvings and you might just get a surprise from us.

Special thanks to the colorists who shared their time and talent with us!
Front cover coloring: Susan Curry
Back cover coloring (left to right, top to bottom):
Ana Duncan, Jane Adam, Jacqui McCollum, Lee Briggs, Heather Berger, Beverly Barske
Karma Lewis and Mara Lula for sharing their valuable feedback

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SMOOV Gel Pens Product Review

Whether you prefer to color with colored pencils or  markers, chances are, you have a set of gel pens in your stash for coloring accent.

Or if you’re like me, you find the vibrant colors and ease of use of gel pens irresistible. Not to mention all the different looks you can create with it  with the different types available — the regular kind, metallic, neon, creamy, and my favorite, glitter gel pens.

This variety is one of the things I like about SMOOV gel pens. Each set of 36 unique gel pens (no repeats) consists of:

  • 12 Vibrant Glitter
  • 10 Metallic Shine
  • 6 Neon Highlighter
  • 6 Pure Pastel
  • 2 Deep & Bold

I got to know SMOOV’s owner Scott Kelley in one of the Facebook coloring events we both participated in last year. I was excited to receive the SMOOV gel pens in this fancy box. It was a nice touch. It’s also practical because the sturdy container keeps the gel pens intact during shipment.

The 36-piece SMOOV gel pen set comes as is or with a carry pouch. I received the set that includes a handy carry pouch. The pouch has three holes on the side so you can put it in your coloring pages binder.

There are two compartments — a zipper in front and one zipper in the middle. A cool thing about this pouch is what I call its secret pocket, the one in the middle, where I like to keep the gel pens I’m currently using for a certain coloring page. Here’s a sample of my work-in-progress (WIP) from our upcoming book Color My Moods Mandala Wood Carvings.

What about the most important part? How are the SMOOV gel pens themselves?

At first glance, SMOOV gel pens look like the other gel pens sold in big sets. Once you start coloring with them, you’ll notice the difference.

I have a couple of other big set brands and almost always, when I’m getting ready to use them, I have to “prime” them by writing on a scratch paper first to get the ink flowing. Even after several tries, I find that several of the pens skip or I’m having to exert more effort to “keep the ink going” that I strain my hand.

SMOOV gel pens, as the name implies, gives a SMOOther overall experience.

I even did some coloring at an angle while waiting in the car (which is not advisable because it disrupts the flow of the ink) and to my surprise, SMOOV kept going.

SMOOV gel pens are creamy. Colors are vibrant. Coloring goes SMOOthly. And with the variety, it’s a nice manageable set to take with you when you go on vacation or even during doctor’s appointments when you want to  pass time with coloring. You’ll have just enough colors to keep you busy.

The only thing is, I wish SMOOV gel pens are available in bigger sets with more colors. I’m hoping for white gel pen, maybe some more neutrals. Owner Scott Kelley did mention they’re looking into these customer requests.

SMOOV gel pens can be more expensive than some gel pen sets. It starts at $34.99 for the pen set. However, you know what they say about quality — you get what you pay for. If you like coloring with gel pens, you may want to invest on a quality set like SMOOV.

One tip I have for you is to follow SMOOV on Facebook,  join their Elite Colorist Mastermind Facebook group or visit their website often because they have great promotions periodically. In fact, for the month of April, you can get 40% off by using the code APRILGEL on Amazon.

I’ve enjoyed coloring with SMOOV gel pens. I especially like using them against black background because they make the coloring pop.

Here’s a sample from Color My Moods Spheres of Inspiration. I used these creamy pastel colors which are some of my favorites from the set.

Have you also tried blending with gel pens? It’s a lot of fun as you can see from this Wood Carved Mandala page. Just make sure you work on smaller areas at a time so you can blend colors while the gel ink is still wet.

In this case, I started with yellow, followed by orange, then pink. I’m not quite sure what the color “pink” is because the gel pens are not labeled (like many of the other gel pen brands). It is ideal to make a color chart. You can use the top photo for reference.

SMOOV gel pens are so saturated and vibrant that you can color on black background or black paper quite easily. Of course, the lighter colors will appear more vibrant on darker paper.

Have you tried SMOOV gel pens? Let us know what you think on the comments below.

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Top 10 Spring Color Palettes

Spring is in full swing! If you’re like me, the first thing I think of when the season changes is the beautiful pastel colors of spring…from beautiful flowers, eggs, sweet treats to pretty dresses, sky, and more.

Enjoy these beautiful Spring Color Palettes. They’re perfect inspirations for coloring Color My Moods Blessings in Bloom Coloring Journal, Garden Mandalas or the various Floral Patterns, Mandalas, and other floral drawings in our Etsy shop.

Blessings in Bloom   Scribo Creative _ Color My Moods 2

Which one is your favorite color palette? Leave us a comment below. Happy Spring!




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