Coloring Gems Tutorial

We’re so excited to have the talented colorist Brittany Stephenson help us with this Gem Coloring Tutorial. I met Brittany through Tracy Beattie who are co-admins (along with Cindy Sanders Somerville) of the sweet Facebook group Adults Only Coloring Bunch.

A couple of the pages that Brittany has colored from our Color My Moods Day and Night Coloring Books for Adults series had lovely gem-like effects and we thought our dear colorists would appreciate this step-by-step tutorial.



The coloring page in this tutorial is a bonus page from Color My Moods for BEGINNERS: There are 62 easy yet sophisticated coloring pages in this adult coloring book (42 mandalas with 20 bonus pages of simple patterns and even inspirational and grayscale).

Open areas are ideal for those who have visual or dexterity issues or even for more experienced colorists like Brittany who experiment with different coloring techniques. The mandalas are on both white and black background to give you a unique creative experience.

For more of this, including a free sample pack of Color My Moods (Volumes 1-3), sign up for our enews:


Materials: White gel pen (Gelly Rolls brand), Prismacolor colorless blending pencil, and four Prismacolor pencils: Hot Pink, Process Red, Crimson Red, and White.

Your three colors can be different than the ones shown but the key is to pick three similar ones that will give you a light, medium/middle, and dark shade.


1. Decide where you want your main highlight (the lighter looking part of the gem). Color that area with your white PENCIL. You want a thick coat of white here, so bare down a bit and cover that area well.


2. Take your lightest color (Hot Pink, for Brittany) and fill in the rest of your gem, blending the color into your white highlight just a bit. You want this layer to be light – it should have some paper showing through after you’ve colored.


3. With your ‘middle’, or second lightest color (Brittany chose Process Red), go back over your gem, leaving just a little of the lighter color showing closest to your white area.


4. Take your darkest color (Crimson Red, here) and again go over your gem, letting just a little of the middle color next to it show. You want a nice gradient effect when you are finished.


5. Go around the outside of your gem with your darkest color (Crimson Red, here), as shown. You can also use your middle color to go around your gem, just under your darkest color to add a bit more depth, like what Brittany did here.


6. Now, blend everything together, using a blending pencil. Brittany started with the lightest area and blended out into the darkest area. Be careful to leave enough white in the area where the light hits your gem or it will look dull and not shiny when you are finished.


7. Now, Brittany took the darkest shade and added more color, blending colors carefully so that she doesn’t cover up too much of the lighter colors that she laid down before.


8. Shade/blend a little more with your middle color, again being careful not to completely cover your previously laid down lightest color.


9. Use your lightest color again to add a little more color/blend. Be careful not to cover up too much of your white area or again, your gem will end up looking dull instead of shiny.


10. Using white PENCIL again, go over your white area of the gem again to brighten it up just a little and blend the edge of your lightest color a little bit.


11. Use a gel pen to add a bright white highlight to your gem inside the darkest colored area, opposite your first white highlight. Try to follow the curve/shape of your gem but don’t make your highlight too straight or “boxy” looking. You want curved edges on the highlight, not straight lines.


12. Your gem should look something like this when you are finished!


13.  Voila! Here’s the finished color page from Color My Moods for BEGINNERS:


Thank you Brittany for this gorgeous colored page and for sharing with us how to achieve the same effect.

Go ahead and try it. Share your results on our Facebook page: We would love to see your Color My Moods gems!

Visit Brittany and a great group of colorists at Adults Only Coloring Bunch.

Products used in this tutorial:


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Christmas in July Event

Color My Moods Adult Coloring Books

Christmas in July? We know that today is July and not December 25th. You might think that the 100-degree weather has gotten into our heads. Well, coming up is National Coloring Book Day so we thought that a great way to celebrate it is with a week-long party!

If you have not already done so, click “Going” on our Facebook Event page:

Make sure you’re subscribed to our enews:

Christmas in July Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Scribo Creative’s Christmas in July Event?
                                                       A. It’s a free, week-long celebration starting today, July 25th through August 2nd, 2016. This is in celebration of the National Coloring Book Day.

Q. What games can we join?
A. The main contest is the Coloring Cards contest. Color any of the free coloring cards (sent to enews subscribers) and present it in the most festive way.

This can be done by using holiday colors, adding glitz and sparkle, make into a Christmas ornament. Be as creative as you want!

The daily games would be a fun mix of Q&A or just sharing info and comments.

Q. What can we win?
A. There’ll be several activities for the duration of the event but the main one is a Coloring Cards contest.

The Grand Prize winner will receive:
– a choice of one of the Grand Prize coloring tools:*
– personalized coloring page and bookmarks

Grand Prize Coloring Tools Options:
Adult Coloring Books Graphic Tees – This Girl Loves to Color (or this Grandma, Mom, etc.) –

Officemate Triple File Clipboard Storage Box –

Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted Tips, Pack of 3 –

Large Capacity Multilayer Colored Pencil Case (72 Slots Purple Pen Bag) –

Sanford Prismacolor Colored Pencil Accessory Set, 7-Piece –

The Runner-Up will receive:
– a choice of one of the Runner-Up coloring tools:*
– personalized coloring page

Runner-Up Coloring Tools Options:

Prismacolor Premier Pencil Sharpener –

Pack of 3 Assorted Colors Aluminum Pencil Lengthener Extender Holder –

Prismacolor Premier Colorless Blender Pencils, 2 Pack –

Uni-Ball Signo Broad Point Gel Impact Pen White Ink, 3 pens per Pack –

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker, N00 – Colorless Blender, 1-Pack –

Daily game winners will receive their choice of a 3-page coloring pack from our Gumroad store.

We’ll also pick one consolation prize for every 50 participants who click “Going” on the events page so please share. The consolation prize will receive a personalized coloring page and her or his choice of a single page from our Gumroad store.

*The contest and daily games are open worldwide. If winner resides outside of the US, Grand Prize winner will receive $15 worth of Scribo Creative Gumroad products or $7 for runner-up instead. Product links shown are samples. In the event that product becomes unavailable or has significant price changes, a comparable product may be substituted.

All winners, with the exception of the Grand Prize winner, will be chosen randomly.

Q. When’s the deadline?
A. The coloring cards contest is due on Monday, August 1st 12 noon Eastern with winners announced on August 2nd.

Daily game winners will be announced the next morning.

Q. Is this a free event?
A. Yes! All you need to do is sign up for our enews and click “Going” on the events page.

Q. Can I share this event?
A. Absolutely! While sharing is not a requirement for winning, we greatly appreciate it if you help us reach more colorists.

 Here’s the link to our Facebook Events page: 

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Color My Moods for BEGINNERS is finally here!


The much-anticipated Color My Moods Special BEGINNERS’ Edition is finally here!

CMM for Beginners, 62 coloring pages –

CMM for Beginners DOUBLE SIZE, 124 coloring pages –

A must-have book for:

  • Beginners who get intimidated by intricate details
  • Colorists who have poor vision, arthritis or other health issues that makes coloring tight spaces difficult
  • Colorists who like easy yet sophisticated designs they can color or share with younger members of their family or friends
  • Beginner colorists who want to try black backgrounds (it’s more forgiving too because “mistakes” are less obvious).
  • Intermediate colorists even! Simple designs are great for doodling and adding your own creative spin.

This Special BEGINNERS’ Edition is a compilation of all the simple-level mandalas from the Color My Moods series — Mandalas (Vol. 1), Garden Mandalas (Vol. 2), Heart Mandalas (Vol. 3). PLUS 20 bonus pages of medium and intricate mandalas, simple patterns, even inspirational and grayscale images.

DOUBLE SIZE! Without the extra calories but with double the relaxation and fun. Best bang for the buck — even cheaper than making your own copies. It’s basically two copies of the book for just a couple of dollars more. Ideal for beginners who want to try different coloring styles on the same image. A total of 124 coloring pages:

Scribo Creative's Color My Moods for Beginners by Maria Castro

Here’s a quick preview of what you can find in the Color My Moods for BEGINNERS:

To celebrate our launch, all the original Color My Moods coloring books are also on sale for a limited time:

Mandalas (Vol. 1) –
Garden Mandalas (Vol. 2) –
Heart Mandalas (Vol. 3) –

We also want to give a shout out to all the wonderful colorists who helped us test our coloring pages prior to launch. Special thanks to the following whose works grace our front and back covers: Front cover colored by (from left to right, first to second row) Diana Noordam, Sandra Heinzman, Jil Spangenberg, Kim Yates, Patricia Mexico. Back cover colored by Jo Walsh, Corie Irvine, Allison Campbell, Karen MacKinley, Lisa Burkardt, Stacy Parker, Becky Burns, Charlotte Schreck, Colene Anderson, Faith Robeson, Shannon Taylor, Dani Taylor.

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Tax Day Bonanza Winners!

Congratulations to all of our MOODista Tax Day Bonanza winners! The complete list of winners and prizes are below. It was very hard to choose the winners especially for the coloring games so we picked additional “Special Mention” winners.

Please email with subject line “Bonanza Winner for Game (fill in with the Game number here)”. If you won a physical product, please include your mailing address. If you won a PDF from our Gumroad store, please browse through our store and let us know which product you want so we can email you the code to get it free.

As promised, we have a BONUS winner who’ll be getting our surprise gift — a Color My Moods (CMM) Special BEGINNERS Edition (PDF version). Print and PDF versions will be available to the public in May.

The CMM BEGINNERS Edition will be a compilation of the simple level designs from CMM Volumes 1-3 plus bonus simple patterns, inspirational pages and even grayscale! It’s like a sneak peek to our future coloring books. It’ll be the perfect book for a beginner colorist or those with health issues who prefer a variety of simple designs, yet sophisticated enough for adults. If you want to be notified when the coloring book is out, email, subject line “I want Beginners Book”.



Game 1: MOODista Selfie
Loyalista MOODista Brenda Bforsma Hanson – any product from our store

Funniest selfie Pam Wells – any product from our Gumroad.comstore

“MOOD”iest selfie Jolene Orlowski – choice of Tgaal sharpener or Staedtler Triplus Fineliners (Pastel, Nature or Neon 6-pc)

Special mention: Shauna C Ward, Mara Lula any 1-page artwork from our Gumroad store.

Game 2: Email Survey
Beverly Coffey – Color My Moods coloring book of your choice (PDF version)

GAME 3: Tshirt Faves
Terri Martin – Any Tshirt from Tshirt Faves

GAME 4: Day vs. Night
Christine Buchner – Color My Moods coloring book of your choice (PDF version)

Special Mention: Pauline Latchem and Dale Latchem – Any 1-page artwork from our Gumroad store.

GAME 5: Meme
Lakshmi Tycksen – Bragging rights + any product from our store

Special Mention: Any 1-page artwork from our Gumroad store:
Becky Gant-Burns
Stacy Red
Mara Lula
Rebecca Vessels
MJ Queen-Purk
Katie M Berry
Ellie Grimes
Debbie Suárez
Terry Locker-Kenyon
Anna Marie McGowan Hutchins

Crie Kohlman – Personalized page, cards and bookmarks
Special Mention: Any 1-page artwork from our Gumroad store or your Mommyism page once it’s live on our Gumroad store:
Christine Buchner
Stacy Red
Rebecca Vessels
Jolene Orlowski
Brittany Vinyard
Debbie Suárez
Christina Anderson
Dani Taylor
Jessica Johnson
Ruth Elizabeth Uys
Tine Eintzen
Kandi Ann Brewer

GAME 7: Color My Moods (Simple, Medium, Intricate set)
Mela Crane
Runner up: Emilie Springfield – All 3 Color My Moods PDF
Special Mention: Jan Adams, Christine Buchner – Any 1-page artwork from our Gumroad store

BONUS WINNER of Color My Moods Special Beginners Edition PDF: Connie O’Keefe Edwards.


Find out more about Maria Castro’s coloring books here:

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Tax Day Bonanza

Talk about game overload! If you missed me on the Tax Day Bonanza, don’t worry. You’re in luck because we’ve extended the game deadlines to Monday, April 25th at 11 pm Eastern.

You can access the game details on the links below (if you’re on mobile and are getting an error message, copy and paste the URLs on your desktop browser).

PLEASE note all the requirements to make sure your entries qualify. Good luck!

By the way, also extended is the 20% of on all print and PDF versions of Color My Moods Day and Night series.

Amazon and CreateSpace don’t need promo codes. Gumroad promo code is tax20.

Color My Moods, Day and Night Mandalas (Vol. 1) –

Color My Moods, Day and Night Garden Mandalas (Volume 2) –

Color My Moods, Day and Night Heart Mandalas (Volume 3) –

PDF/Digital instant download/Gumroad:

Vol. 1 – CreateSpace eStore:

Vol. 2 – CreateSpace eStore:

Vol. 3 – CreateSpace eStore:


GAME 1: MOODista Selfie

*Prize: T’gaal sharpener or Staedtler Fineliners 6-pack

NOTE: There’ll be 3 winners for this Game. For the Loyalista MOODista, you’ll have to include one of the Color My Moods coloring books or pages that you already own, along with your “Coloring Makes Me…” finished colored page. The other two winners will be Funniest and “MOODiest”.

GAME 2: Email Survey

*Prize: Color My Moods coloring book of your choice (PDF version)

NOTE: You have to sign up for enews and answer the survey questions on the Facebook post to qualify. If you’re already an enews subscriber, invite a friend and you can both win a prize.

GAME 3: Tshirt Faves

*Prize: 1 Tshirt (any Tshirt Faves design)

NOTE: For US only.
You have to like Tshirt Faves Page
and share one of the posts/designs or tag a friend.

GAME 4: Day vs. Night

*Prize: Color My Moods coloring book of your choice (PDF version)

NOTE: Color the Day (white background) and Night (black background) versions of one of my Color My Moods design. Don’t have Color My Moods coloring books yet? Sign up for our enews and get a free sample pack:

GAME 5: Meme

*Prize: Bragging rights (we’ll credit you when we use your memes in social media) and any digital product from Scribo Creative’s Gumroad store:

NOTE: If there are similar entries, we’ll put your names on the random name app to choose the winner.


*Prize: Personalized page, cards and bookmarks

NOTE: If there are similar entries, we’ll put your names on the random name app to choose the winner.

GAME 7: Color My Moods (Simple, Medium, Intricate set)

*Prize: All 3 Color My Moods coloring books (PDF) + $10 Amazon gift card

NOTE: Open worldwide 😊.

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Free Coloring Book

  • Are you a beginner colorist?
  • Do you prefer simple designs due to vision problems, arthritis, or other health issues that prevent you from coloring complex artworks?
  • Do you like coloring mandalas and patterns?
  • Will you be able to color at least 3 designs within one week?
  • Are you willing to provide honest feedback?

If you answer yes to all these questions, please send an email to with the subject line “Begin”. Attach a recent finished colored page and tell us how long you’ve been coloring.

If selected, you will receive a free PDF Advance Review Copy (ARC) of one of our upcoming books upon submission of your colored pages. All we ask is you leave an honest review once the books are live on Amazon (stating on the review that you received an ARC). We value your opinion and there’ll also be a short survey to fill out, after you submit your colored pages.

Your participation also gives us permission to possibly use your colored pages on our coloring book front or back covers, on our marketing efforts including social media posts, website articles, etc. and any testimonials you provide.

Thank you so much for your interest and if you’re looking for coloring books to get your started, you can buy a copy (or more :)) of Color My Moods from Amazon or Payhip:



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Congratulations to the Color My Moods Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations Heather Hart! You’re the Grand Prize winner of the Color My Moods Giveaway. Enjoy your new coloring tools and exclusive loose leaf coloring pack.
Here’s the complete list of winners:
Grand Prize: Heather Hart
Consolation Prizes:
Melesa Eldridge
Margaret Taylor
Barbii Craig
Michelle Ashley
Beth Smith
Faith Robeson
Marie Lindsey
Teresa Soley
Lisa Webb
Margaret Taylor
Allison Campbell
Connie O’Keefe Edwards
Tamila Kushnir
Patti Bell Oxley-Legg
Anita Coloring
Shan Renea
Kelsie Richards
Cris Wright
Kristen Leigh
Stef Marie
Michael Plaster
Rebecca Vessels
Susan Berry
Vicki Rhodes
Traci Ann Tilson

Thank you all for your support. If you have not already done so, please check out Color My Moods, Day and Night series on Amazon or Payhip. Preview the full content on our YouTube channel as well.

Color My Moods, Day and Night Mandalas (Vol. 1) –

Color My Moods, Day and Night Garden Mandalas (Volume 2) –

Color My Moods, Day and Night Heart Mandalas (Volume 3) –

PDF/Digital instant download:

Vol. 1 –
Vol. 2 –
Vol. 3 –

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Color My Moods Giveaway!

We’re live on Amazon!

Color My Moods, Day and Night Mandalas (Volume 1) –

Color My Moods, Day and Night Garden Mandalas (Volume 2) –

Color My Moods, Day and Night Heart Mandalas (Volume 3) –

What better way to celebrate our three unique books from the Color My Moods, Day and Night series than with a Giveaway that’s sure to put you in a good mood.

We’ll have (1) Grand Prize Winner in the US and (25) Consolation Prizes worldwide.

ColorMyMoods_GiveawayGrand Prize Package includes:

24 pc. Prisma premier colored pencils
2 pc. Prisma blending pencil
1 pc. T’gaal sharpener
30 pc. Hard-to-find Limited Edition Sharpies
48 pc. Lolliz gel pens
7 pc. Staedtler triplus fineliner pen, nature colors
1 pack Exclusive Loose Leaf set that would only be available to winners of this giveaway only: (6) 8.5 x 11 designs inspired by Color My Moods, Day and Night series Volumes 1-3, (6) Coloring greeting cards, (4) bookmarks and a PDF version of the Exclusive Loose Leaf set

Consolation Prize winners will each receive a PDF of the Exclusive Loose Leaf set.


Grand Prize Giveaway Requirements: 
– No purchase necessary
– Subscribe to our enews:
– Visit our Facebook page:
– Share the Giveaway post from our Facebook page
– Subscribe to our YouTube channel ScriboCreative:
– Follow us on Pinterest:
*Grand Prize is for US only

Consolation Prizes Requirements:
– No purchase necessary
– Subscribe to our enews:
– Visit our Facebook page:
– Share the Giveaway post from our Facebook page
– Open worldwide


Here’s the breakdown:

Subscribe to our enews – 3 “tickets” (once)

Subscribe to our YouTube channel – 2 “tickets” (once)

Follow us on Pinterest – 2 “tickets” (once)

Share the Giveaway post from our Facebook page – 1 “ticket” (once)

Follow us on Instagram – 1 “ticket” (once)

Follow us on Twitter – 1 “ticket” (once)

***Entries will be accepted until February 12, 2016 (by 12 noon Eastern to give time to contact winners and confirm eligibility) and winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.***

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Links for easy access:

Print copy:

Color My Moods, Day and Night Mandalas (Volume 1) –

Color My Moods, Day and Night Garden Mandalas (Volume 2) –

Color My Moods, Day and Night Heart Mandalas (Volume 3) –

PDF copy: payhip.scribocreative


YouTube ScriboCreative:

Twitter: @scribo_creative

Instagram: ScriboCreative












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PDF Versions of Color My Moods are Now Available

If you like to use different coloring tools or you experiment with different techniques, having a PDF version of a coloring book makes it easy to print as many personal copies as you wish, on any paper or card stock that you like.
Get your PDF copies of Color My Moods Coloring Books for Adults from the links below.

Scribo C

Mandalas (Volume 1): Buy Now

Scribo Creative _ Color My Moods 2

Garden Mandalas (Volume 2): Buy Now

Scribo Creative_Color My Moods v2

Heart Mandalas (Volume 3): Buy Now

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What are you in the MOOD to COLOR today?

Say hello to the new year and to the new you — less stressed, more relaxed, sharper mind, enjoying the creative expression that adult coloring books bring.

We’re excited to be launching our three new coloring books for adults. We’ll have exclusive specials for our email list subscribers so sign up now.

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