Luna Jayne Glitter Gel Pen Set Review Plus Coloring Tips

The first time I heard of Luna Jayne glitter gel pens was from Connie O’ Keefe Edwards who used it on one of our mandalas from Color My Moods.

Then I started noticing the beautiful colored pages on Facebook colored with Luna Jayne. I thought this would be a good product to review during our October “Black is Back” Challenge month. I’ve always liked the effect of gel pens on black background coloring pages.
The 12-piece Luna Jayne Glitter Gel Pen Pack and “Night” coloring page from Color My Moods Mandalas Vol. 1.

The set comes with 12 colors: yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, magenta-pink, sky blue, bronze, brown, gray and silver. After purchase, you’ll get a thank you email with a PDF attachment that shows how you can create 24 other colors for a total of 36 possible colors.

It comes packaged in a convenient lightweight plastic with a snap closure which should withstand regular wear and tear (but probably not my toddler).

Now, for the fun part. Here are the things I noticed coloring with Luna Jayne glitter gel pens:

  • They glide.

They are very light on the hands. It’s almost like you’re painting and it doesn’t feel “scratchy” like some of the other gel pens I’ve tried.
Luna Jayne glides unlike other gel pens that can feel scratchy or skip. This page is from our upcoming coloring journal “Blessings in Bloom”. Luna Jayne is the one with even coverage and no skipping.
  • You get good coverage with one stroke.

I usually have a scratch paper next to me when I’m coloring with my other gel pens. You probably do this too where you do several strokes to get the ink flowing. In some cases, no matter how many times you go back and forth, you still can’t get even coverage. You’ll be delighted with Luna Jayne because the ink flows right from the start. I was so surprised with this that I felt I needed to color faster to catch up with the ink flow.

Luna Jayne’s not supposed to bleed through (or have less bleed through) but I did experience some. I think it’s because I’m so used to going over a spot several times with other gel pens which is not needed with Luna Jaynes. Next time, I’ll work in smaller areas with single, more even strokes to prevent over saturating the page.

Scribo Creative Color My Moods Coloring Books for Adults
Don’t overdo it. A single stroke works fine to avoid bleed through.

Even coverage can also mean cost-savings in the long run. I imagine that Luna Jayne glitter gel pens will last longer since you won’t have to use as much to get your desired effect.

  • The colors are rich.

They’re vibrant and saturated. As you can see here, they’re fun to use on dark colored paper, in this case, on the Color My Moods “Night” version/black background page.

If you haven’t tried doodling on the black parts of the page itself, it’s a fun coloring technique to try with the Luna Jayne glitter pens. In this example, I just drew stripes in gradating rainbow colors.

The silver on the black part is so rich it almost looks like an opaque marker.
Luna Jayne glitter gel pens have rich colors. You can even color on top of dark-colored paper like the Color My Moods “Night” version.

I just wish the set came with white so I can create more of pastel colors by mixing with the other colors. A clear glitter pen would also be a great addition.

  • They feel sturdy.

The barrel of the pens feel similar to those of a high-end gel pen brand. I actually prefer this type of plastic to the other kind you find  in larger sets of gel pens. My kindergartner (and sometimes my toddler) likes to color with me and they like glitter gel pens. We had an incident with another brand that had a different type of casing where it leaked and created a big mess. I guess since the plastic is more “brittle”, it cracked during shipping. I don’t see that happening to the Luna Jaynes.

Speaking of coloring with young children, I liked the fact that Luna Jayne glitter pens are non-toxic.
I prefer the sturdier plastic of Luna Jayne compared to the brittle plastic of other gel pens. It comes in handy when coloring with little ones — less breakage.
  • Lastly and most importantly, they actually have glitter!

If you’re fond of adding that special touch and sparkle to your coloring pages or any crafting projects, Luna Jayne glitter pens will become one of your favorites.
Try spreading the ink while still wet and you’ll to get this fairy dust effect.

They can seem like an investment, especially if you compare prices with bigger sets of gel pens, but I say it’s worth it.

I believe Luna Jayne’s tagline is “Happiness for Your Art”. And that’s exactly what I felt after trying them. ?
I just love the glitter and sparkle of the Luna Jayne glitter gel pens!

Thank you to artist/owner Deborah Kramer for letting us try Luna Jayne. For more information, visit:

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  1. These pens are so awesome. I have them on my Wish list for Santa. They look awesome to color with and I have not seen anything like them before. thanks for sharing them with all of us….

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