Tax Day Bonanza Winners!

Congratulations to all of our MOODista Tax Day Bonanza winners! The complete list of winners and prizes are below. It was very hard to choose the winners especially for the coloring games so we picked additional “Special Mention” winners.

Please email with subject line “Bonanza Winner for Game (fill in with the Game number here)”. If you won a physical product, please include your mailing address. If you won a PDF from our Gumroad store, please browse through our store and let us know which product you want so we can email you the code to get it free.

As promised, we have a BONUS winner who’ll be getting our surprise gift — a Color My Moods (CMM) Special BEGINNERS Edition (PDF version). Print and PDF versions will be available to the public in May.

The CMM BEGINNERS Edition will be a compilation of the simple level designs from CMM Volumes 1-3 plus bonus simple patterns, inspirational pages and even grayscale! It’s like a sneak peek to our future coloring books. It’ll be the perfect book for a beginner colorist or those with health issues who prefer a variety of simple designs, yet sophisticated enough for adults. If you want to be notified when the coloring book is out, email, subject line “I want Beginners Book”.



Game 1: MOODista Selfie
Loyalista MOODista Brenda Bforsma Hanson – any product from our store

Funniest selfie Pam Wells – any product from our Gumroad.comstore

“MOOD”iest selfie Jolene Orlowski – choice of Tgaal sharpener or Staedtler Triplus Fineliners (Pastel, Nature or Neon 6-pc)

Special mention: Shauna C Ward, Mara Lula any 1-page artwork from our Gumroad store.

Game 2: Email Survey
Beverly Coffey – Color My Moods coloring book of your choice (PDF version)

GAME 3: Tshirt Faves
Terri Martin – Any Tshirt from Tshirt Faves

GAME 4: Day vs. Night
Christine Buchner – Color My Moods coloring book of your choice (PDF version)

Special Mention: Pauline Latchem and Dale Latchem – Any 1-page artwork from our Gumroad store.

GAME 5: Meme
Lakshmi Tycksen – Bragging rights + any product from our store

Special Mention: Any 1-page artwork from our Gumroad store:
Becky Gant-Burns
Stacy Red
Mara Lula
Rebecca Vessels
MJ Queen-Purk
Katie M Berry
Ellie Grimes
Debbie Suárez
Terry Locker-Kenyon
Anna Marie McGowan Hutchins

Crie Kohlman – Personalized page, cards and bookmarks
Special Mention: Any 1-page artwork from our Gumroad store or your Mommyism page once it’s live on our Gumroad store:
Christine Buchner
Stacy Red
Rebecca Vessels
Jolene Orlowski
Brittany Vinyard
Debbie Suárez
Christina Anderson
Dani Taylor
Jessica Johnson
Ruth Elizabeth Uys
Tine Eintzen
Kandi Ann Brewer

GAME 7: Color My Moods (Simple, Medium, Intricate set)
Mela Crane
Runner up: Emilie Springfield – All 3 Color My Moods PDF
Special Mention: Jan Adams, Christine Buchner – Any 1-page artwork from our Gumroad store

BONUS WINNER of Color My Moods Special Beginners Edition PDF: Connie O’Keefe Edwards.


Find out more about Maria Castro’s coloring books here:

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