COLOR MY MOODS The BIG Christmas Coloring Book

You will love it. I love this Big Book! There is something for everyone in the Christmas Coloring book. Easy and simple for the kids and more detailed and challenging for me! I love all of Maria’s books and my kids like to pick which one they will do as soon as the books come in. – Elizabeth Wilkins

COLOR MY MOODS Beautiful Mandalas and Patterns

Color My Moods Beautiful Mandalas and PatternsA Gorgeous Mandala Masterpiece. I myself draw and color my own mandala designs, but Maria Castro’s “Beautiful Mandalas and Patterns” is like the Rembrandt of patterns for a colourist, they’re absolutely beautiful, like a candy treat, and so relaxing and enjoyable to bring to life with colour. – Vickie

COLOR MY MOODS Mandala Wood Carvings

I love all of Maria’s books. This book is simply stunning! If you’ve been coloring for a while, you probably think you’ve seen everything in the mandala genre, but think again. This book is filled with very original designs that convey a unique perspective on mandalas. I love all of Maria’s books, but I think this may be one of my favorites. – Jan Woodard

COLOR MY MOODS Blessings in Bloom Coloring Journal

Great book! I’ve been in the hospital 3 times in the past six months & decided I needed to start writing down my thoughts & feelings! This book was PERFECT! I loved this book so much, I bought a second one for a gift! Check this book out today! – Caleb’s Granny