Top 10 Spring Color Palettes

Spring is in full swing! If you’re like me, the first thing I think of when the season changes is the beautiful pastel colors of spring…from beautiful flowers, eggs, sweet treats to pretty dresses, sky, and more.

Enjoy these beautiful Spring Color Palettes. They’re perfect inspirations for coloring Color My Moods Blessings in Bloom Coloring Journal, Garden Mandalas or the various Floral Patterns, Mandalas, and other floral drawings in our Etsy shop.

Blessings in Bloom   Scribo Creative _ Color My Moods 2

Which one is your favorite color palette? Leave us a comment below. Happy Spring!




5 thoughts on “Top 10 Spring Color Palettes”

  1. My favourite colour pallet would be #3 pic (the one that starts with a deep Fuschia color.
    They’re all nice though. I’d love to use them in my colouring.
    Cleo Fraser

    1. Thanks Cleo. That is a pretty one. And the fuchsia just gives it that right amount of pop. Glad you liked the color palettes.

  2. My favorite color pallet would be #5, colors of Pale Lavender, Sea Foam Green, Light Peach/Rose, Pale Yellow and Light Blue also photo #10, colors of Light Rose, Fushia, Mint Green, Yellow and Beige.

    Vicki Edwards

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