Coloring Black Background Coloring Pages

Do you like the dramatic effect of black background coloring pages? Then you’ll love our Color My moods series where designs are both on white and black backgrounds. You’ll get the instant visual impact without laboring hours on coloring the background black.


Black background coloring books are also ideal for:
– Those who want quick coloring sessions
– Those with visual or dexterity issues since black background’s more forgiving (coloring outside the lines is not as noticeable)
– Those who just want to try something different

Below are examples from the Color My Moods Coloring Books for Adults series, as shared by talented colorists. The bottom descriptions show the coloring media/tools they used.

How about you? What’s your favorite coloring medium for black background coloring pages? We’d love to read your comments below.

And if you have colored any Color My Moods “Night” (black background) pages, join our October “Black is Back” Challenge and win a choice of your coloring medium!

Plus all the Color My Moods coloring books are now on sale for a limited time.*

*Amazon might take a while to update its prices but the CreateSpace already reflects the sale price.

Color My Moods Special BEGINNERS’ Edition 62 coloring pages – / DOUBLE SIZE 124 coloring pages –

Mandalas (Vol. 1) –

Garden Mandalas (Volume 2) –

Heart Mandalas (Volume 3) –

Scribo Creative Color My Moods



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