Coloring Pages Card Tutorial

Coloring patterns can be relaxing as it frees your mind and puts you on a meditative state. Pick your colors and color away. But what do you do with your colored page afterwards?

The creative Lina Weikel shows us how to use pattern coloring pages for making cards. The sample coloring pages are from Color My Moods The BIG Christmas Coloring Book but you can use this idea any time of the year. Read her tips below for a step-by-step tutorial or watch it on our YouTube channel.

Here are Lina’s tips…


Color My Moods The BIG Christmas Coloring Book

Spectrum Noir Markers


Scissors or paper cutter

Glue or adhesive tape runner


Rhinestone stickers

1. Using Color My Moods The BIG Christmas Coloring Book, I picked out a card topper from the back of the book and also a patterned page from the book to use as a background.

  1. Next, I picked out a color palette from Scribo Creative’s Pinterest board “Color Palette”.

3. Then I found the 5 Spectrum Noir Markers that most closely matched the palette I had chosen. The markers were: DR7, DR3, TB9, VB3, and BGR1.

4. Once I had everything picked out and ready, I colored the background and then the topper in the color palette colors.

5. The next step was to cut the background page to size then mount it on a card blank leaving a slight edge of the card blank showing to act as a border.

6. I found a piece of red ribbon from my stash and used it to border the card topper. I also used some small red sticker rhinestones on the card topper to add a little pizzazz and bling to the card.

7. I positioned the card topper on the card and centered it in a landscape position. I then chose a few larger clear rhinestones to place in the corners of the card to tie everything together.

Thank you Lina for this informative tutorial!

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